Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday bloody Friday

The week started with happy news but today, an incident has burst my bubble. A not so good situation,  something to do with HR & Finance Dept in my office. They decided to suspend my paycheck for this month! (Our payroll date this month was on April 22nd)  Their reasoning, they have to check if I owe them anything.  Yes, this one I understand perfectly. However, my argument with them is can they just ‘cut it off’ from the next month’s paycheck? That’s it, assuming that I owe them anything-lah, which I pretty much doubt.   I told them: Couldn’t they just cut if off from the next one? It’s because, my contract still got about 12 working days after the April payroll. It just doesn’t make any sense to me.  So, are they going to pull this stunt again for my May paycheck as well?  Checking again if I owe them anything from April 23rd – May 10th? You bet! That’s absurd!

All these little bits of info reached me after I made calls to numerous numbers and spoke to this and that staffs. A lady at the Finance Dept had the gall of telling me off in that condescending manner of hers (ok, minus the expletives of course) that ‘we’re so damn fucking busy right now, your phone call has caused me to loss several minutes of my fucking valuable times’  to which I counterattacked:  I’m sorry for causing you losing your precious time, I understand how busy your office is. It’s  just that my situation right now is needing attention too. I’ve got bills to pay, I’ve got a house rent to pay, I’ve got a room rental deposit to pay in KK, and  above all I need to pay for my plane ticket.  In short, I just wanted to clarify when can I get my salary because I need to wrap up my personal and official affairs here before flying back to Sabah. Then she mumbled:  You have to check with HR. I called HR and they gave me the same answer about ‘having to look at my record, mana tau  I owe them anything’  and after clearing all those itsy bitsy stuff they asked me to do, only then they will release my cheque.

God knows when will that be but I plan to be the thorn in their side until I get my salary! Yessir, you can bet on that! 

God, bureaucracy is such a pain the neck. 


  1. OMG! I don't want your job moi... No wonder you're resigning..

  2. Moi, jobwise i'm ok with it but it's the others yang bikin pening kepala dan bikin panas. Sometimes, all these rules and regulations are really painful to bear with because half of them nda masuk akal. If you make some rules, at least have the decency of weighing down the pros and cons before blasting them off your face la bah kan..

    another thing yang bikin panas, I have already sent my letter to HR informing them of my intention of declining the contract renewal offer several days before gaji. Between that span of times, they got could have cleared it with the Finance Dept. is fated that today is my offical "membebel day"

  3. I'm sighing and sighing. Kasian ko moi. Hope it turns out okay in the end.

  4. ya bah moi..harap2 sia dapat settle ni benda this week!


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