Tuesday, April 20, 2010

In the cloud nine.. :)

These past few weeks, I've been feeling restless and antsy.  Why? Let's backtrack to last month.  Yes, last month. I. Attended. A. Job. Interview! Yes, that was like a few weeks back. Myself having a quickie visit to KK and had a jolly good times re-connecting with my "physical KK self" translation: makanan kegemaranku!

So..what cloud nine am I talking about? About an hour ago, I finally got that 'one reeeeaaally anticipated phone call' and OH MY GOD..! I GOT THE JOB! Isn't this just sweet?! Yes, I am smiling like this ^__________^ and will probably be for the next several months or so? I could never be more happier than this. It's a double sweetness.  I mean, I was dreading the time of starting all over again, going back to KK, resign myself of doing the 'enclosed is my resume' over and over again, riding lifts for job interviews, scanning the newspapers for job openings and such. I actually thought of just pack, catch the plane and do the 'I'll cross the bridge when I reach it' thingy. Luck has never been sweeter than this...

By 13th or 14th of May, I shall be back for good in KK.  Then on the 17th, it'll be my official 'melapor diri'  to my new employer. To all my friends who have wished me good luck, thank you so much.  Your well wishes have more or less given me confidence (and may I add, a little touch of my  rebellion side) during the interview!

...and KK, wait for my return! ^_______^


  1. Congratulations to the homecoming! I hope to be able to follow your footsteps in the coming years! See you at our wedding! :-D

  2. Woohoo! Let's celebrate!
    That's indeed a good news...dpt balik kampung for good and at the same time secure a job. Im happy for you moi.
    *happy dance*

    See you on Dan & Mel's wdg!

  3. Dan,
    *wink wink* nda lama lagi you'll be officially baptized as 'half-sabahan'

    Thank you! I almost did the mangayau dance in my office. Yes, double sweetness indeed.

    This calls out for a celebration. Balik dulu la...it'll be kaamatan and... aramai tii :)

  4. Congrats mandak! Finally!

    I can imagine how happy you are :D

  5. Hey, this is good news! congrats :)!

  6. Dee, thanks :) I did a chicken dance after that fated call :)


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