Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Narrow a stunning effect!

Yes, it is indeed painful dealing with these types of people.  In today's "Toxic IT" waves, there are people who still tightly-bound in cavemanish and dark ages ways, no matter how educated or worldly they are! 

For instance, I came accross with this online forum, discussing a simple topic : Starbucks in higher learning institutions - please give your opinion.

Well, forumers were only asked whether they agree or disagree with the statement. My friends, let me tell you some of the responses, in a cut and paste manner. Sorry, images are too small. To enlarge, click on them..

I actually quite agreed with that second last "Anonymous"   punya komen.  Some people are too 'membabi buta' shooting their minds and mouths off before learning the facts.  Abandoning common sense before 'chest-thumping gratification self'. In a way, those commenters really amused me because, indeed, their remarks reflected their mentalities and further enhanced their narrow mindedness to a full stunning effect!

Hmmm...I'd drink to that!


  1. Sorry to say this, but this is a dumb and ignorant race we're talking it's nothing new...;-)

  2. Teruk oh kan? But when I come across these people, I'd probably just ignore.. Too narrow minded and stupid to pay attention to.. hehe

  3. OH MAI. Their stupidity know no bounds. Apamacam they can relate something obviously different to the jews?

    I would say I pity them but on a second thought... i'd rather not haha.

  4. *flashing imaginary peace sign to Gallivanter*

    Hahahaha..i actually laughed kaw kaw reading their comments. It totally made my day.

    Mi, betul tu. these types of people really make cheap thrill becomes even cheaper.

    exactly. macam budak sikul yg inda paham soalan exam kan? lain yg disoal, lain pula yg dijawab!

  5. LOL.. sorry to say but this is stupid. If they'd commented like the 2nd comment saying that it's negative for the student or what, that can be accepted but they'd relate it with race la pulak.. LOL.. I'd stopped joining any forum now coz of too many people love to talk non-sense by raising the religion and race issue.

  6. wiskies,
    LOL! that's true, it's stupidly funny!


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