Monday, April 12, 2010

Home Alone...NOT!

Yeah, well, my other female housemate is away doing her Umrah in Mecca and she'll be there for two whole weeks! Now, it's only me and that other housemate (Toilet Guy). I am totally weirded up right now, it's really uncomfortable! In the meantime, what am I gonna do? I don't really relish the idea of being alone with him.  I mean, he's quite of a church freak guy (he once mentioned to me that he always goes to Sunday mass) and that probably makes him harmless but still, it's uncomfortable.  Add  yesterday's incident, it's super duper awkward! What with yesterday? I'll tell you what...

Yesterday, I woke up quite late, around 12pm. The house seemed to be quiet because normally, my two housemates are always out during the day on weekends. My bladder was about to burst and anticipating that I was home alone, I quickly opened my room door. What I didn't realize was, that 'toilet guy' was actually standing in the middle of the living room and I was totally caught off guard in my 'half state of undress' complete with my equally wild hair! He was totally left red faced and I really hoped that the floor would collapse and swallow me whole!  I didn't know what possessed me to act calmly, dengan selamba masuk bilik and said: "oh, you're home. I thought you're out cause the house seems so quiet" He stuttered his "yeah, um, no. I.."  I didn't really hear the rest of his speech because I closed my door before he finished.

Awkward much? Yes. Meantimes, I'd probably torture my bladder with teh O ais at the pitiful excuse of a cafe, here, in my condo complex, to while away the hours before my bedtimes for the rest of two weeks. I just don't want to be home alone with him. Or maybe I'll just barricade myself inside my room and only come out of it the next morning to go to work..


  1. That's very awkward.

    Sa pun sanggup oh lepak luar rather than stay home and feel every bit uncomfortable with the guy around.

  2. carol, mmg. teramat2lah awkward. 2 weeks somemore, odoi dogo!

  3. *sigh* why not inviting some gf for sleepovers??

    hmmm...can't think of anything else to help make things less awkward. Cian you.

  4. Hai W.Sumandak,nice postblog.saya suka bah!kopisanangan...

  5. lizee,
    i was thinking of the same but most of my gfs punya 'chief tenants' nda suka urang dtg rumah derang bah. Plus, i can't possibly ask them to come over my place because i'm practically living a spartan life now. Most of my things have been shifted back to KK or sold off (in the wake of my impending return to sabah). It's only me, my mattress, and a bit of clothes now ;-)

    donnyien (your name sounds like that HK IP Man actor ^_^ )thanks for dropping by and also for that compliment. glad you liked my blog. kopisanangan montok diau :)


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