Monday, April 26, 2010

Vision of Forever: Sutra Dance Theater by Ramli Ibrahim

Date: 24th April 2010 (Sunday)
What: Odissi "Vision of Forever" by Sutra Dance Theater Artistic Director: Ramli Ibrahim
Venue: Istana Budaya KL

I've never been to one Odissi dance theatrical show before and I've to say it was enthralling. So, when my bestfriend invited me along, I didn't pass the chance. Yes, I know nothing of Hinduism gods or goddess but heck, I was mesmerized by the gracefulness and gentle strength of the dancers. It's like steel and satin, with a touch of eroticism, not  blatanly erotic, it's a subtle eroticism. The show was chereographed by the renown classical Indian dancer and choreographer, Ramli Ibrahim. Sadly, no cameras were allowed inside the theater hall so I don't have the pictures.

Doesn't matter, I have a few of pictures. To  Lizee Wong, I've got pictures of me rockin' my heels warned, those are pictures of a girl afflicted with narcissism syndrome!

..the bunting

Pity, the picture is blurry. This is what happened when you asked a stranger to take your picture :(

flashing my 'by invitation only' card. Dunno where did my bestie get those cards :)

Sumandak & her heels. Don't 'play play' or there'd be hell to pay! :P

Weapon of Mass Destructions!

from Istana Budaya to Pulse, G.Millenium Hotel KL

having an early dinner with my bestie @ Balifeel, Bangsar South

OH MY GOSH! look at my puffing cheeks! No wonder makin 'doraemon'!

..and THE END!  :)


  1. I always wanted to watch that Sutradara thingy but hubby is not very "cultural" person.. hehe.. Next time you go, let me know ah, I may want to tag along... hehe..

    P/S: your pair of WOMD is to die for!!

  2. hehehehe! My WOMD, i know right!
    ya, never been to one and when my bestie ajak me pigi tinguk, I was really excited. It was outstanding. I also managed to technically 'rubbed shoulders' with January Low (another one of Odisi dancer) and gosh, she's soooo pretty!And she was standing right next to me for 3 minutes or so!

  3. mi, bulih bah. next time ada peluang, kita boleh pigi sama2 :)

  4. oh my the killer heels!! love it! =)

  5. Pewittttttt..........*Howling* Hehehe

    Thanks mandak. They ARE divine! And you really worked it in those photos!

    Heard of this awesome show when I was still a student in KL but never had the privilege to attend one :( sob sob...baca ur blog pun cukupla

  6. *crowing* LOL!
    Yup, it's a good thing yang sia sempat pigi tinguk before flying back to Sabah. To think that the value of our invitation cards was 300 each. Mantap kawan sia dapat invitation tu (good networking I tell you!). Sia tumpang tuah ja hehehehe..

  7. That heels?? O.M.G! So.VERY.DA.GORGEOUS!!

  8. Dee,
    YES! THAT HEELS! :) told ya' so hehehehe


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