Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ye..I do watch korean dramas :-)

...but i don't watch all genres. i mostly watch the comedies, throw in together some actions and peppered by romance and i'd be happy as a lark : -) trust me, when you became an old maid like me..sitting at home watching tv soaps is equal to having a boyfriend (lol, at least for me la) hahahaha, sounds pathetic, right? oh well.. my all time fave korean actresses are:

Kim Sun-ah:

Yoon Eun-hye, i don't get tired watching their dramas over and over again. Kim Sun-ah was funny, gutsy and chubby in the 2005 runway hit My Name Is Kim Sam Soon, while Yoon Eun-hye starred convincingly as a girl, pretending as a guy in the highly successful Coffee Prince (2007). Both are award winning actresses, humble, A-lister in the Korean entertainment industry!

Kim Sun-ah's 2009 political drama, The City Hall was another huge success. yes, i've watched this drama and i loved it. i like the way how this drama poked fun at the Korean political scenes, it's funny. yet, ironically, i think it happens in the real political world too. contrary to her humble looks in her dramas, she's actually a stunning woman! on top of that, she's also a gifted pianist!

Yoon Eun-hye's comeback to the small screen was a success too. her 2009 drama, Take Care of Agasshi a.k.a My Fair Lady was quite a success. she starred as a haughty and bratty heiress who fell in love with her personal butler! The show's rating in Korea might be on the borderline of 19% but elsewhere in the world, it was a huge hit. well, she's after all Yoon Eun-hye, korean's CF (Commercial Features) Queen, a successful model and one of the top paid celebrities in korea, commanding between USD600.000 - 700.000 per commercial! her last year's earning alone was USD5mil. Now, how crazy is that? and yes, she does charity works too.

my all time favorite K-dramas:

My Lovely Sam-soon a.k.a My Name Is Kim Sam-soon

The City Hall

Coffee Prince a.k.a The First Shop of Coffee Prince

 The Time Between Dog and Wolf

 btw, i might be as lonely as the next door spinster but i don't watch idol dramas. i can't stand watching pretty boy actors who are even prettier than the female actresses (cue - Boys Over Flower) it makes my skin crawls! I want a BADANG-man, not flowerboys! well, not as strong as the legendary Badang, but a real man nonetheless ^o^


  1. do you know more than 70% korean adult did a plastic surgery on their face?? coz their original face mostly with round nose..

  2. yup! not only the nose but most probably a double-eyelids jobs too. just thinking about those surgical knives is enough to give me nightmare! dunno if i have the courage of going under the knife. i think i'm happy the way i look now but if there's one thing i could change, it's my height! give me additional inches pls :-(

  3. dulu bah i watched itu lovers in paris, i was so hooked to it and loves the actress so much, i wanted to have hairstyle like her. tapi tida menjadi ni....

    btw, if on astro apa channel yg ada good k-movies?

  4. carol,


    hmmm.. i don't watch astro. i terminated my subscription lamaaa suda. i just don't like the feeling of paying for craps that Ass-throw shows to us, gullible viewers. they keep on recycling the same things over and over again. except for the sports, others are just recycled craps.

    honey, you don't need ass-throw when you got the net. try going to this website: or these are asia's best movies/dramas database. IT'S FREE!


    :) visit u mandak ~


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