Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hall of Shame: 3 phases of humiliating episodes in my life

well, ummm so far la..

so, any embarrassing incidents happened in your life so far? me, yes, three major humiliating incidents! each respective episodes happened in 3 different phases of my life.

1st phase:
i was 8 or 9, travelling with my mum, heading towards the little town of ranau in my uncle's old rumbling datsun pick-up.  and boy.. my uncle drove like he was competing in the rally! when i think back, at the rate he was going, the speed-o-meter was probably be between 80/90km per hour! imagine burning rubber on a gravel road. you're bound to get your butt bouncing mid-air in your hardwood-like seat (well, i think the seat was made in wood, padded with a disgustingly thin sponge and covered in black plastic vinyl!) and the humiliating moment happened when the pick-up went through a pothole and next thing i knew, i flew off from my seat and landed directly  against a pak cik (who was doing a betel nut-chewing marathon, sitting on the opposite side of my seat). i tried to break my fall with my right hand and it landed squarely against his crotch!! everyone inside the pick-up was laughing and hooting madly. the pak cik yelped, i think he probably be feeling his painful nut and he was gaping with a mouthful of betel nut! i was big enough to know the true meaning of humiliation and throughout the remaining journey, i didn't dare to lift my head up. i believe i shed tears of humiliation that day too!

2nd phase:
i was 15. i was inside this bookstore in Centerpoint KK (the name of the shop is Eaton's) buying stationeries. the cashier tallied my purchase, and it was RM25. I fished out my wallet and it was empty. i dug out my pocket and out came this 50 sen coin (loose change from my bus fare earlier). as it turned out, my mum had given me a hundred and i forgot to put the note inside my wallet! i left it laying on top of the dressing table in the room that my sister and i shared! i was damn malu because other people were queuing up behind and i was standing there with an empty wallet. in the end, i told the cashier that i left my money at home, i needed to go home and would come back later to pay the 'ransom' for my purchases. thank god, she agreed. otherwise, i had no idea on how to salvage my shredded dignity! and the 50 sen coin? coincidently, the bus fare to my house was 50 sen! and i did come back to the bookstore, paid up and made a quick exit. i was saved by a 50 sen coin, literally!

3rd phase:
it was around october, last year! i banged myself against a glass door. my office gallery door to be exact and it happened while the gallery was in use for a lunch function, organised by one of the departments in my faculty. the resounding thud, followed by a loud "aduuiii, SHIT" was enough to stop all conversations, all gazes were diverted in my direction, glasses, forks and spoons raised in mid air, acara menyenduk lauk-pauk juga tergendala. the impact was enough to make the glass door shook/rattled and i was kind of melekat macam cicak kubin against the door. the outcome? humiliation as big as sarawak, not to mention a super huge blue black lump in my forehead! imagine hearing the word 'SHIT' while you're lunching! how did i manage to tabrak the door in the first place? well, usually the door is left wide open but on that particular day, it was partially closed. i was talking and looking at my friend (he was standing a few meters away behind me) while making a beeline towards the door and next thing i knew, crash!boom!bang!

so there you are, the three phases of humiliating episodes in my life. i hope there won't be a fourth! fingers crossed...

what's yours?


  1. Heads up, more to come later XD. Anyway, interesting and funny story you have

  2. no no no..i hope there wont be 'more to come later' three is enough :(
    yeah, looking back, they're kind of funny in a painful way hahaha.

    but the most painful ones is the glass door incident. i think i suffered a minor concussion cause i pening-pening lalat for almost a week! and the lump, i think it almost took a couple of week to subside. my colleagues? jangan tanya la, i became the joker of the day. everyone asked: macammana juga awak boleh langgar pintu tu? i just senyum-senyum bodoh.

  3. i think when i waiting for someone at GSC cinema in KK but she didn't come ..i waited for whole day until there she is coming with a "guy" and when i asked her, she just look at me and told the guy she don't even know me.. i cant forget that...hahahah quiet funny i think.. :-)

  4. whao! AJ, that sucks, really sucks. hehehehehe!


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