Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Is this an asian thing?!

dammit, i was really tempted to go and tell the girl (below picture) this: "why, your bf looks stupid carrying your purse! can't you carry that purse yourself?!"  geez..!

my fellow asian women, nothing is uglier than having your spouses/bfs carrying your purses while you're sashaying away empty handed! i notice that it's quite a common sight here in KL.  You, ladies should be banned from buying handbags/purses permanently! women's purses/handbags are meant to be ours alone and NOT to accessorize men! and why, it always occurred to me that this ugly practice only involves asians. is this an asian thingy?

i'd definitely go ballistic if someone touches my purse!


  1. i learned this before.. they said its kinda romantic things to do.. hmmmm

  2. I'm not gonna carry it unless she request me to hold it and for a while only. I have my own bag to hold :P

  3. Haha, I always knew that this is your pet peeve. And I agree, it is ridiculous, but then again, it clearly shows who is at the end of the leash. :-)

  4. ya, for a little while is ok. let's say, we're out shopping and i'm busy trying out clothes in the fitting room.

    hah! romantic? there's nothing romantic about a man holding a woman's purse.

    if i want to hold a leash, i'd make sure that it's a 'different leash' :-P

  5. at least if go "makan" i can take out her money and same time i'm saving my pocket.. hahahahhaa

  6. I did the same entry too, last year. (
    Except that I don't have photo(s) to show.... sigh, pathetic looking betul la diarang pegang beg pompuan mcm tuh..

  7. Dee,
    it's beyond pathetic. you maybe a gentleman but i don't think that's the correct way of being gentlemanly!nasib baik that girl's purse is plain-colored. cuba yg warna-warni, even better neon-colored ones!

    lol, i always keep my mobile phone in handy. manatau dapat tangkap gambar yg interesting, that way, i can write about 'em in my blog and share it with the netizens :-P


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