Friday, January 8, 2010

Dear Lord, Have Mercy On Us... words can express the way i'm feeling right now.  where have all the 1Malaysia spirits gone now? i guess it's merely a political manifestations. a political decorations?  deep down, i still think that it's kind of difficult to achieve a fully 1Malaysia concept. racial barriers are still deep-rooted among the people, doubts and distrusts are still in evidence.  take this current 'wildfires' for instance. All because of one word, the nation is literally in uproar! Arsonists have been making rounds burning several churches in KL, as a sign of protest and attempts to overturn the highcourt ruling over the usage of the word 'ALLAH' by non-muslims in this country.

what saddens me the most is, how could a person who believes in God/Allah go and burn other people's place of worships? staging demonstrations is one thing, burning those churches? those are sacred places for the Christians. how would you feel if a non-muslim goes around torching the masjids?

on the other hand, reading the reports on the newspapers today, i couldn't help but felt a bit of a resentment towards all the 'authorities' and 'politicians' lending their faces and voicing their 'supposed concerns' regarding the incidents.  it kind of disgusts me. there's always a hidden agenda(s) somewhere, that i'm sure of.

somehow, i can't seem to shut out these words out of my mind "DIVIDE AND CONQUER". it keeps on nagging me.

anyhow, i hope my fellow malaysian christians won't retaliate against the muslims.  whatever grain of justice we could attain  from these incidents,  we shall leave it to the authorities (even if it's only a little grain). we shall remain calm and pray for peace. may our faiths not be shaken, be humble, forgive those who have wronged us because they do not know what they are doing. Amen..

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