Friday, January 15, 2010

What's with people and their "It's Complicated" FB Status?

why?  why the 'it's complicated' FB status?

doesn't matter if you're married, in a relationship (shaky or solid) as long as you have someone beside you and you consider that person as your bf, gf, domestic patner and whatsoever - it doesn't define you as 'unattached'.  you're still in a relationship!

my take on this:

1.  married ppl who checked on the "it's complicated' are looking for extra-marital affairs
2.  people who checked on the "it's complicated" are in an unhappy relationship, they might've already booked their one way ticket, out of the relationship and currently in the look out for "new stops"
3.  they are natural-born philanderers!

well, happy or unhappy, if you have someone beside you - YOU'RE STILL IN A RELATIONSHIP!

that's my stand. though others might argue that "who cares, that's my prerogative! "

well, then...


  1. I once used that when I have relationship problem with my lady, at last I just put i"in a relationship", fix back the relationship to what it should be. I don't want to be the people who is in desperation to get attention or taking advantage to find someone else. Better not put on relationship status anyway if having one is like for fun or not really serious in relationships.

  2. for me personally, ppl with this "it
    s complicated" relationship status are just pathetic and fishing for extra attention. (no offense for those practising it)... you were right abt putting the right status there, it's something that you can't kid around... some lagi best, sikit gaduh, terus letak it's complicated..
    or else, just don't put any status at all in FB. habis cerita :)

  3. Rungitom,
    yep, exactly. hope you're now in a good relationship? :)

    Dee Loner,
    i know someone who is prone to change her FB status. it's like, today is in a relationship tapi bila gaduh, the status changed to it's complicated!

  4. i always thought those with that particular status are meant for those who are really having a complicated relationship, like having an affair with somebody's husband or something. you know, not the typical boy girl relationship. hence it's complicated. well, at least thats my kind of understanding to this status la hehehe


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