Saturday, January 16, 2010

Colour Me Bad..?

experimenting with different hair colors is okay. provided that it suits your skin tone, personality and the mixing and coloring process is done by a professional. Otherwise, the result will turn out just like this:

not quite a desirable sight if you're a middle age man, trying to disguise your graying hair and moustache by dying it in orange. yes, i took this picture in a crowded bus during my way home from work. i think,  it would be better if he used black hair color, instead of orange!

that hair disaster might be forgivable but it's definitely not a good sight if you walk around sporting orange-colored moustache!'s been a long long time since i had my hair dyed *pondering*


  1. Middle-aged crisis!! hahahahhaa.... Why didnt he just dye it blue instead.. then he can sing himself the blue-dabadedabadaaa song.. ;P

  2. It's not too late to be awesome and weird at the same time I guess :)


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