Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A chat with my west msian friend - sabah, according to his testimonial

...snippets of the conversations:

nghanseng: i was offered to go back sabah, kk. but i declined. better offer there actually...
enniemye: why? gaji tak siok?
nghanseng: 25% higher than in kl,
enniemye: den?
nghanseng: but i dun wan cos its too far
enniemye: same like kota baru la. you drive there how many hrs?
nghanseng: plus benefit not so good. KB lain la... can drive home anytime, since i travelling one...
enniemye: i can't wait to go back. new happening things in KK are abundance
nghanseng: yes, lots and lots...but i miss the most is the drive from kk - sdk.  and the food...
enniemye: yep, i miss the food
nghanseng: that mountain is beautiful........
nghanseng: and the ladies...
enniemye: why? the ladies are friendly but we're not bitchy  ^-^
nghanseng: hahaha,  friendly lar, the trademark of ppl from the east mah. not like the west. sikit sikit ingat kita laki gatal...
enniemye: what about here? overly friendly ka atau sombong?
nghanseng: here? sombong lar. like i said, if in sabah, i said hi or smile sure smile or hi balik one. in kl, the lady will think i sudah gila
enniemye: sombong but they are the one who normally get kantoi in the end haahhaha, methinks :P
nghanseng: most probably will taser me to oblivion!
enniemye: LOL!! here, they don't say hi to men. they say, let's go khalwat! better yet, they'd give their love freely to 'awang hitam' 
nghanseng: LOL!!!!

..sorry, no pun intended. it's just a joke not a statement. don't raise your hackles guys and gals. peace :)


  1. Haha! Something must be brewing in Kelate for your friend not to move to KK. :-P Apart from incest don't they screw animals too? Hahahaha! I kid I kid!

  2. Dan, why..didn't think about that pulak. :P

  3. lol...

    incest??? wei wei... ni sudah melangkaiu batas sawah padi!!! hehehe...

    Sigh, animals? have you tried holding on to the goat???



    nama femes i tu, boleh kasi gelapkan takkkk... tetiba femes la i...

  4. jeryc,
    lol..cantik gambar :P mau kasi gelap? ok.. dun wori la, will edit. goat? heheheeh dun tell me...

  5. Thank you..

    Next year August, I planned balik Sandakan... Tinggi tinggi gunung kinabalu.. Tinggi sayang pada kamu..


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