Monday, January 25, 2010

Bathroom Blues - La Tortura


sharing a bathroom with a guy is almost like a daily torture! one with a bad bathroom habits at that.  well, i don't have much complain about my new place but the bathroom, gawd! .  i'm sick of seeing yellow stains on the toilet seat. i'm sick of seeing grimes in the toilet bowl after this guy is done with his 'dumping'. i'm sick of doing the cleaning, everytime. the first day i moved in, gosh...the bathroom was in a mess. i didn't even dare to use the toilet. i remembered going back to my old place just to have my shower. the next day, armed with bathroom cleaning supplies, it took me almost two hours to clean the entire bathroom!  in the end, all my efforts were seemed to be futile. my housemate's toilet habits is disgusting! arrrgghhhhhhhhhh....

what should i do? stick a laminated note on the bathroom wall, detailing list of rules that he has to abide to? or continue my role as a merry maid? hurrrm, maybe, the best way is just confront the guy and tell him point blank that he is now sharing the bathroom with another human beings and as such, making the bathroom in usable and clean conditions is the responsibility of the both of us!

i look as disgusted as the lady in the above caricature, except that i'm not as large as her.


  1. Yuck! You should tell him off. I think the embarrassment might make him do something about it. What nonsense! Bad hygiene!

  2. Dan, exacto! i can't stand people with bad hygiene. i think, if you want to measure whether a person has a good hygiene habits or no, first thing first is checking that person's bathroom!

  3. Yabah...the part where you have to wipe clean the yellow stain on the toilet seat tu bah yg bikin panas..sometimes, i even have to wash with water cos i feel so geli.

  4. Oh LOL. Kasian ko.

    Suruh dia lift up the toilet seat kalo dia mo pakai tu toilet.

  5. sia mimang kasian :-( kalu budak2 lagi nda apa tapi he's over 30 suda bah. *sigh*


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